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Post - El Corazon Bravo ramblings

Thank you to all that could attend. We had a great turn out on Saturday night. Many of the usual suspects were in attendance and plenty of new faces too. I was at the front door from 10pm to 11:30pm so I met some of the new people there and many others through out the night. At one point Megan asked me to survey the area and get back to her know where we were on the capacity level. After taking a good look around the party I let Megan know between the bodies inside the dance area and smoking area, we were full. This was about 1:30am and we had to tell people to come back later, there just wasn't room for more bodies. I'm hoping those that were turned away then came back later when we could let more people come in.

During the party I was able to catch up with a few people I've not seen in some time. I paced myself with dancing since I was going to be there long after the party was over. That was a hard learned lesson several years ago, and well remembered.

One conversation I had with one of the candy ravers in attendance cracked me up. She started with saying, "At first I thought you guys were weird." This was her first psytrance party. I said to her, "We are weird, but I'm sure that's besides the point ;~)" She laughed and went on to explain from there.

At some point some guy asked me what types of music we going for the night. Based upon this question I've come to the conclusion he's been to the venue before and decide to stop by for that reason, not because he knew specifically about our party. My reply to his query was,"It's our party, psytrance is all you get, it's what we're about." He went merrily on his way back into the dance area.

A couple of times I had to play "mean mom" when I would find people smoking in the dance area inside. It amazes me, which it really shouldn't, how many people don't think that smoke from pot is just as offensive to some people as cigarette smoke. I told two people smoking to take it out to the smoking area and some random person makes the comment it's just pot. I told the guy I have asthma and I don't care what they're smoking, it needs to go outside. News flash people: No matter what the origin of the smoke is people with asthma and allergies can have adverse reactions to the smoke, period end of story. I have asthma and allergies and I'm need to breathe when I'm dancing, go smoke whatever the hell you're smoking outside, away from the dance floor so I don't have to breathe the freaking smoke!!! Jeez!! So later on I found another person smoking away and simply told him that he needed to take that outside to the smoking area, he made a bee line for the door. . . . .then a girl walked up and said, "Thank you!" Now I realize we didn't put up "No Smoking" signs and the rules of the space vary depending on the event. But I'd have to say it was pretty clear that the area where the port-a-poties were located was the designated smoking area. . . . .but I'm assuming people pay attention . . there I go thinking again. . . . bad Kim bad. . . .

more later :)
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