May 12th, 2008

Does mom know

Mother's Day

I attempted to be a good girl yesterday. I called my parents house to wish my mom Happy Mother's Day at about 1:30pm. No one was home, so I left a message saying "Hi" and to call me back when they returned. I never heard back, so I figured that they were busy taking my step-fathers' mom out for the day and that they forgot to call me back. . . of course I was busy yesterday and did not realize until 9pm that I'd still not hear from my mom. So this morning I called on my way to work. Turns out my mom didn't hear my message, my step-father did and told her I'd call back. Oh well, they did have a busy day between the grandma, my step-sister and her almost 4 year old son. My mom was perfectly happy to hear from me today :~) I'm thankful for the little things like this.

I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday.