August 4th, 2008

Me BM 2006

Just a few things left to do. . . .

I'm sitting here are reception, giving our receptionist her lunch break. I could be working, but instead I am here. ..

Earlier I was on a couple of car rental sites as I'm needing to rent myself a minivan to take my ass and my gear to Burning Man this year. I compared prices between Thrifty and Alamo, Thrifty was half the price so they have my business. Hoping I don't run into any hassles when I go to pick the van up. I'm planning on packing Friday night after work, so I'm picking the van up the night before, just in case I have some last minute running around to do. Which is about 75% unlikely as I've been attending BM for long enough now that I have just about everything I need. The things I don't have are being borrowed from those not attending this year. It's funny to hear people,

"Please take my stuff so I can get my yearly dose of playa vicariously through you!"

I'm going through some things tonight to see what I need to borrow that hasn't already been offered to me. Friday I borrowed Natalie's car and headed to Rohnert Park to visit Christine and retrieve carpet for my tent, her aluminet, tent stakes, my black metal mini fences, my skull fences and a few other items. They are currently all in my storage unit :~)

Saturday the big hair will be installed. . . .good grief that will take all fracking day. . . . at least this year I did not cut my hair (it is too long right now!!), I wanted my hair twists will be as long as the dread extensions. . my hair is down to my waist in the back and just past my boobs in the front. . . catching on everything and annoying the shit out of me unless I have it pulled up. After all is said and done, I'm going to need a hair cut when the dreads come out in October or there abouts and I'll be saying bye bye to about 4 inches.

Waxing will commence on the 20th, soo impatiently waiting for this. It was unfortunate that the last time I was waxed did not allow there to be enough time between then and BM for a waxing. . . . . I currently have a bad case of hippie legs.

I'm departing to the playa either on Friday night the 22nd (after work) or Sunday the 24th night. . .not sure if I've been put on the early arrival list or not, but I did let the appropriate person know I was ready, willing and able for arrival on Saturday at sunrise. . . .hoping to find out sooner than later.

tick tock tick tock. . . . .