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12 years and counting. . . . . .

My mom and step-dad's 12th anniversary was this past Sunday. Last night I called them to wish them well and see how their day went. While chatting with mom she says, "Aren't you proud of me? It's been 12 years!"

To put her comment into context you need the following information:
Marriage #1 to my father = 6 years
Marriage #2 step-monster #1 = 4 years
Marriage #3 step-monster #2 = 8 years
(Mind you these 3 were all by the time I was 22.)

So when she told me that she and Bob we're getting married (her 4th and his 2nd) . . . . . . . naturally I asked the following. . .

"Are you shooting for 2 years or 10 years with this marriage?" (yes, I'm a smart ass!)

She laughed and said this would be her LAST marriage regardless of the outcome. I give her many kudos for constantly attempting to make things work and/or go after what she wants.
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