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Yet another narrow escape from traveling to Bakersfield

Bakersfield. . . ugh, why on earth my parent's chose to move there I'll never fully understand. I know the reasons they gave, but still it was so nice having the whole family here in the bay area. They've been there since 2002 and still don't know it all that well. I really don't think they like it all that much. . . . but what do I know. Anyway, this past weekend is the second weekend in a row, and the third time this year I've narrowly escaped the drive to Bakersfield. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and would love to see them. It's the drive and the destination I deplore. This weekend the reprieve was due to mom having the flu. Poor thing!! Wish she'd not been sick, because I now have to figure out another weekend to visit. . . .and it will be freaking hot when I do finally get to visit . . . . .sometime in June.

Though on the upside I still spent most of Saturday with my brother and sister-in-law as previously planned. They live in San Jose, I was going to drive with them to visit our folks. Instead we hung out at their condo (which will be closing escrow on May 9th) and checking out their new place (closing escrow on May 1st). The new place is nice, though a disaster as they're in the process of moving. They bought an "attached home" in San Jose, not far from the condo they've been living in for some time. Not that they need a place the size the bought, but the 2 bedroom condo really was too small. During the visit they told me they're getting another cat. . .I'm thinking why do you need a 5th cat?? I failed to notice one of the 4 cats was missing in action. Poor Spinner had cancer and they had to put her to sleep. So they'll be getting the older brother to their pure bread, flat faced, short hair cat named Toby. I can't remember what bread the cat is, but when you look at him you don't think of the breed that he is. . . to see their new home click below.

This is what they bought, the Monterey, res 6:

Sunday I ventured over to Alameda and hit Ikea with Melissa. As if I really needed anything, but I did pick up some items to help with my closet organization. I also just had to buy this dragon from the kids section. It will make a nice costume neck warmer this year on the playa. Oh and I now have yet another pair of big boots. They were too big for Melissa, but work on my feet. Boots. . .me and boots. . . I think I have 8 pairs of boots. Used to have more, but gave a pair to my friend Patricia and sold a pair to Megan. What I NEED is some shoes. . .well actually what I NEED TO DO is take my shoes to the shoe guy and have the heels fixed so I can have more to choose from. . .of course that's assuming it ever warms up around here ;~)

Since I've been so sick from my allergies all last week I stayed home Friday night and decided to be productive since I wasn't out playing. I managed to spend Friday night going through my leaning tower o'mail. Though I open it all up, pay my bills, etc, my filing of these things at home leave much to be desired. Funny thing is when I went to visit my brother I was telling them about my productive night, they pointed over to their counter to their several stacks of leaning towers o'mail. . . .guess it's hereditary :~)
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