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whine. . .sometimes it sucks to be me. . ..

I've had a sinus headache since Monday, sometimes it's worse than others. Due to my allergy to Aspirin and Ibuprofen, I can't really take anything other than a nap and just suck it up an suffer. . .sigh. . . . .

Sometimes I feel a bit nauseated as it seems like it's wanting to become a migraine like on Tuesday, but about 11 hours of sleep helped curb that a bit. I missed dance class because I wasn't feeling well at all.

This is allergies, thanks to the smoke from the fires (yes, despite the fact our sky's are now clear) and some other unrelated contributors. ugh. . .

However, I'm still going out tonight to DNA for distraction from said headache. . .sometimes being distracted actually helps.
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